Heavy Gear - Beyond the Horizon

Summer Grads - Session 5

34 Summer 1933

Kat, Devon, Miska, and Kelly are all freaked out and decide to get a small room in the Badlands Quarter. Not feeling safe the three friends decide to go to the PRDF Bunker but Kelly refuses in fear that she’ll get arrested for being part of the BRF. They tell her to stay put and they’ll be back soon.

The group heads out and stays low eventually making it to the Bunker. They are immediately taken to General Moreshead who yells at them for awhile about being tracked by PaxSec, almost selling out to the BRF and just causing general mayhem.

Devon and Kat explain what happened and let the General know that they have Kelly hidden. The General agrees that they need to get out of town as PaxSec has linked them to the bombing at New-Bunberry from video surveillance taken there a few days before but he insists on Kelly’s location. He also tells them he’ll pull some strings to get them off the hook with PaxSec. They had it over the location in the Badlands Quarter and then are escorted off to the edge of Peace River hidden in a jeep.

They leave Peace River behind and by the time it is evening they meet up with a badlands rover gang called Jaimin’s Wolves. They meet with the leader, Jaimin Lome who was originally part of the Desert Wolves (see “Into the Badlands”) and had worked with Moreshead during the war. Jaimin has agreed to take the group across the desert to Baja where they can get on the maglev. The group crashes out.

35 Summer 1933

They are wakened early the next morning and head out with Jaimin’s Wolves who have some springers, pieced together gears and two jeeps. They travel for half a day and then set up camp during midday when it is at its hottest under shade.

They head out again until evening and then set up camp around a fire. The member of Jaimin’s Wolves give the group a hard time with one hitting on Kat and another trying to pick a fight with Miska and Devon. Kat kicks the guy in the balls and Miska is able to talk the guy down. They soon find themselves accepted by the badlanders and have a good time.

Later everyone falls asleep but Miska and Kat. Miska suddenly asks Kat why she kissed him at a friend’s Assignment Celebration. Kat is uncomfortable and tries to dodge the question than Miska kisses her. They hold each other for the rest of the night.

36 Summer 1933

The next morning they head off again but after half a day’s travel Jaimin gets a report of Southern MILITIA scavenge in the mountains. He turns to the group and asks if they are willing to take a detour that will put them a day behind. The group agrees and Jaimin’s Wolves’ heads into the mountains.

As they get to the scavenge site Jaimin tells them to wait and the Wolves moves in. They are ambushed by what looks like another rover gang and the group runs. They take a corner and find themselves faced with a rover gang member who is carrying a submachine gun. He starts to point it at him but Kat rushes him and the group finds themselves in a nasty brawl. The four wrestle on the ground until the rover starts choking the life out of Devon. Kat reaches for the gun and fires at the man killing him and splattering Devon with blood.

They meet back up with Jaimin and the other Wolves who survived. Many are wounded but they head back to the desert and eventually back to Baja where he drops them off. As the group is about to get on the maglev Sundra Gabriel approaches them and asks if they were the group Baleek sent. Miska looks at her and says she is mistaken.



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