Heavy Gear - Beyond the Horizon

Summer Grads - Session 4

34 Summer 1933

The rally takes place near the Badlands District that overlooks a large open area. Kat hangs out at coffee shop while Devon and Miska head down to the rally. There are a lot of police surrounding the area and everyone suspects PaxSec to be lurking around. At first there are only a few hundred people but as the rally starts another couple hundred show up as a flash mob briefly overwhelming security and catching everyone off guard. News cameras are everywhere.

Miska runs into Kelly and she tells him that she is in big trouble and needs to get out. When he asks what is wrong she says she can’t talk about it around the protestors. Miska tells her to go up to the coffee shop and talk to Kat and he’ll be up soon.

Devon and Miska run into Jessica who invites them in the back to speak with Baleek. Baleek asks Devon to go up on stage again as the people reacted well to him being on stage and he could be a great symbol. Devon resists but eventually gives in.

As Kat waits a woman sits next to her and starts asking random questions and being friendly. She then asks Kat to put a chip into her computer and run the program. Kat refuses until she notices the woman is pointing a gun at her. Kat than runs the program which causes a wireless blackout in the area. The strange woman quickly runs off.

Kat than sees Kelly heading toward her and decides to run off not realizing that Miska sent her to talk.

Devon heads on stage but freezes up and is barely able to squeak out the speech given to him by Miska. Baleek says he did ok and will get better. He then invites Devon and Miska back to a private area where they start sweeping for bugs. Devon freaks out since he has a wire on him given by his uncle. He tries to ditch it but is caught by Jessica. Devon tells Baleek everything about his uncle. Baleek believes him asks him to join the Badlands Revolutionary Front as support members in the HA. There they can recruit more members among the worker caste and support other members who need hiding or supplies. They agree and Baleek tells them they need to stop in Baja to meet someone.

Kat notices people following her and figure out they are PaxSec. She isn’t sure why they are chasing her but she manages to keep away from them. She can’t contact the military number she was given due to the wireless outage.

Kelly meets back up with Devon and Miska and they all go find Kat. Kelly tells them that Baleek and the BRF aren’t who she thought they were. She wants equality between the castes but in a more peaceful way. Kelly says she used the group to gain access to the New Bunburry and that the BRF was going to use a sonic bomb that briefly made everyone nauseous, not a real bomb the killed people. She decided she wanted out but suspects that the BRF won’t let her out and will use their connections to the Forezi Cartel to remove her.



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