Heavy Gear - Beyond the Horizon

Summer Grads - Session 1

32 Summer 1933

PCs who are best friends from high school travel to Peace River for a final hurrah before being sent to different schools. Take the Maglev Train from Gardenia to Peace River.

While on the train they meet with Jessica Petrov who is a good friend of Devon Turner. Devon is fond of her as she is the first girl he slept with. They do some catching up and agree to meet later but she leaves her e-notebook behind.

Devon is able to break into it remembering her old password. He discovers that after she graduated she left the Humanist Alliance and set off on her own. Devon is disgusted and puts the notebook down.

Jessica later comes back and Devon ignores her. She chats with Katherine and Miska. Miska leaves to the observation deck up top. Jessica asks more about Miska and Katherine tells her that Miska is against the caste system of the Humanist Alliance.

Jessica joins Miska and starts hitting on him telling him that she agrees with him. This makes Miska uncomfortable and he leaves again.



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