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A Knife in the Heart

Bold As Lions - Session 1

Episode 1: A Knife in the Heart


The Heart of O’ the City Hotel is a shit hole. A run down flop house in a bad neighborhood where you can rent a room by the hour, its paper thin walls bursting with desperate transients, professional criminals, and unlucky bystanders. This is the kind of place you can always find a victim but never a witness.

Tonight a call sends you to the hotel to pick up another body that you expect to go unclaimed. These routine and often unsolvable cases burn out benevolent police and provide cover for opportunist ones. The daily grind that inevitably replaces hero fantasies with a cynical countdown to retirement.

*Why is tonight different from any other night? Tonight is special for you personally. Are you two weeks sober? Is it your birthday? You’ll get an opportunity to tell us at the table.



Here are some more ideas for making a cop character.

The most basic question is probably are you a good cop or a bad cop?
Are you selflessly protecting the innocent from villains?
Do you take advantage of your power to run your own criminal racket?
Are you by the book?
Or do you “bend” the rules?

In my opinion, cops work really well with the DnD Alignment system because there are often moral questions and legal questions. I think Knowing whats more important for a character, upholding the law or doing the right thing could go a long way in defining him/her.

There are also some classic TV tropes for cops like:

Atonement Detective: something you feel guilty about in your past compels to to right wrongs for others now. This is often a killing. For example, you shot a kid with a toy gun on accident.

The Dirty Cop. You’re out for yourself. Brutal. Heartless. On the take or in control of a criminal operation. Immune to justice… unless you’re caught by Internal Affairs.

The Undercover Cop. You’re a cop who’s set up a deal to ingratiate himself to underlings to get close to the big boss. You get in deep. Perhaps to deep. Be careful this is a slippery slope.

The Born Detective. Your Moms a cop. Your Dads a cop. Your Brothers a cop. You’ve been solving crimes since your sister tried to frame you for peaking at the Christmas presents.

The Science Cop. You use the Scientific Method to solve crimes. DNA, blood spatter patterns, Micro-Facial-Expressions are your bread and butter. Not even the smallest detail escapes your notice.

The Cowboy Cop. A Maverick. A Loose Canon. You bend the rules so often your partners wonder if you even know them but you’re not hear to enforce the law you’re out for justice.

The Hard-boiled Detective. Rarely a cop, the hard boiled detective is usually called in because the police are either corrupt, incompetent or both. The Hard-boiled Detective doesn’t rely on fancy gadgets or ivory tower theories. He gets by on street smarts and indomitable spirit but he always gets his man.

The Gentleman Detective. The oldest detective trope. Detached from the masses the gentleman detective is a monied polymath from the upper-crust of society. He’s on the force because it’s fun for him, the puzzles are interesting. Edgar Allen Poe’s detective and Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes.

A Knife in the Heart

Recruit Cindy Baxter’s first day on the job, she’s out for a ride along. She’s young and looks it. But the Baxter family is well known in Police circles with a lineage of profession Peace Officers. Cindy’s from Baxter blood. Being a great cop is in her blood. Right?

A Knife in the Heart

[first scene]
1 year before present day
John and Jane Smith stand at the front of the hotel, ashen. The body of the lady causes Diego to flashback.

A year before Diego was executing a search warrant for on room 311.
Haley Jones, proprietors daughter, is in the hallway. Lienna chases her away and the team prepares to break into the room.

Six people in the room. Three girls tied up in the corner. One man searching, one running for the balcony, one pulling a gun. The team orders them down, then must shoot.

Two men go down quickly and the third makes a getaway out the back fire escape. Diego chases him down before he gets on his motorcycle. He found Haley trying to deflate the Brad Williams (perp) tires.

A Knife in the Heart

[second scene]
Six months later. Room 903.
Seeming suicidal overdose of Tanya Waters. Troublesome drug user, former babysitter for the Smiths. Until she let their baby drown. Cold case.

Perfect place for Leon Baxter to propose to Lienna who quickly accepts. They embrace and restart their investigation.

A Knife in the Heart

[third scene]
Three months pass. Room 702.
Two bodies. Execution style killing. Registered under false celebrity names. Wearing matching t-shirts from a local band. Frequent club goers. Find a shoebox of bills for a black money scam.

Clinton Jasper ID’d as in the room. He’s a lieutenant for the syndicate, known to get things done.

A Knife in the Heart

[fourth scene]
Present day. The team is called to the hotel on the report of a murder. They arrive to find the body of Haley Jones, knife in the chest, in the lobby…

A Knife in the Heart

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