Campaign 2 – One’s Own Duty

Khayr ad din2

Ability without honor is useless.
- Marcus Tullius Cicero

Character Type: Ex-Military/Duelist/Bandit
Year: 05 Winter 1936
Concept: Reverend Thor Hutchison was assassinated by Northern Guard war hero in front of the world, and an Inter-Polar war is brewing. The characters are renegade duelists who have come to Khyr ad-Din trying to escape Inter-Polar politics, but have brought their troubles with them.
Character Creation: Hybrid Character creation, players will purchase attributes with Gritty Game attribute points (30), and Cinematic skill points (60). Characters must be duelists. Players do not have to be from the same dueling stable, and can even be enemies. Characters from the Polar Leagues will make for good social conflict and rivalries.
Requires Skills: Heavy Gear Piloting and Gunnery: Heavy Gear. Heavy Gear Dueling is recommended. Heavy Gear Dueling is a Complex skill.
Available Gears: Pretty much any.
Major Languages: Players should know Human Anglic, but having appropriate languages from your culture is a good idea. Equatorial Hispanic and Indo-Arabic are common in Khyr ad-Din.

  • Anglic (All formally educated characters)
  • Equatorial Hispanic (Western Frontier Protectorate, Badlands)
  • Euro-Germanic (Earthers)
  • Indo-Arabic (Badlands, Some Norlight, Religious Characters)
  • Interlingua (Humanist Alliance)
  • Larabic (Eastern Sun Emirates)
  • Mandanese (Mekong Dominion, Upper Class Eastern Sun Emirates)
  • Universal French (Southern Republic)

Players must answer the following questions:

  • Why did you leave your League and what did you leave behind?
  • Why are you fighting in the arena?
  • What Trouble did you bring with you?


Campaign 1 – Summer Grads

Character type: civilian
Year: Early Summer 1933
Concept: Characters are all best friends and highschool graduates (think Starship Troopers) from the Humanist Alliance. Each character has been chosen for a different caste (politics, military, worker). Before they go their separate ways they have an opportunity for one last harrah to Peace River.
Character Creation: Gritty, 2nd ed rulebook. Choose which caste you are assigned to and email everyone you character description.

Heavy Gear - Beyond the Horizon

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