Heavy Gear - Beyond the Horizon

Retirement Day
Bold as Lions - Session 2

In the lobby of the Heart of O’ the City Hotel the detectives find Haley Jones with a knife in the chest. Mr. Jones paces outside nervously. Mrs. Jones was frightened in the corner. A small crowd of people are being to gather. Lienna, Diego, and Cindy begin by checking out the body. They scan the site, examine the body, and Cindy determines she wants to know the owner of the knife. Lienna goes to speak to Mrs. Jones, who is non-responsive and has a serious cut on her hand.

Cindy interviews the Mr. Jones, who testifies Mrs. Jones got in an argument with Haley and killed her.

Cindy Baxter: whisper to Diego, “we need to arrest Mrs. Jones.”
(From Diego): I move to arrest Ms. Jones.

Diego: You have the right to remain silent when questioned. Anything you say will be held against you.
You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future.
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning, if you wish.
If you decide to answer any questions now, without an attorney present, you will still have the right to stop answering at any time until you talk to an attorney.

Cindy interviews Bambi who corroborates the argument. Bambi said she heard an argument, but didn’t’ know the reason. Also, she didn’t know why anyone would be mad at Haley. Cindy gives Bambi her biz-card if she has anymore.

The team departs the scene.


Lienna meets with Police Chief Lagoaski to turn in her paperwork. He reminds her retirement is not a requirement which she declines. She looks to say her final goodbyes, following cookie crumb sitings to the conference room.

Confetti pops! “Surprise!” Lienna party had been planned since she first announced her retirement. Streamers, a banner, food, drinks and cake fill the room. Diego looms protectively over the cake.

Cindy heads to the toilet and notices a man in the reception area. Curious she moves to speak to the hereto unknown man, Dillon Driagon. They each lie regarding their reasons for being in the building. Both recognize the lie and Dillon admits to wanting to speak to Lienna, who Cindy calls to the reception area. Asking for a private meeting, Dillon wants to address a case Leon Baxter was investigating.


An explosion rips through the Hall of Records. The team fights for survival as the dying building falls to fire and collapse.

A Knife in the Heart
Bold As Lions - Session 1

Episode 1: A Knife in the Heart


The Heart of O’ the City Hotel is a shit hole. A run down flop house in a bad neighborhood where you can rent a room by the hour, its paper thin walls bursting with desperate transients, professional criminals, and unlucky bystanders. This is the kind of place you can always find a victim but never a witness.

Tonight a call sends you to the hotel to pick up another body that you expect to go unclaimed. These routine and often unsolvable cases burn out benevolent police and provide cover for opportunist ones. The daily grind that inevitably replaces hero fantasies with a cynical countdown to retirement.

*Why is tonight different from any other night? Tonight is special for you personally. Are you two weeks sober? Is it your birthday? You’ll get an opportunity to tell us at the table.


One's Own Duty - Session 4

- finished the dual, group wins in a lap.
- Flashback with Ifrit where her leader asks her to take charge if anything happens to him.
- After the dual Amber meets with her brother and convinced him to defect and leave with her to Kyra-ad-din.
- All the dualists head to the bar and do a lot of drinking. Amber convinces Starr to help her sneak her brother out. Starr tricks King into thinking that Amber is bringing a new boyfriend.
- Next day everyone is ready to leave. Amber’s brother is late and transport won’t start. Ifrit and her rover gang leave ahead.
- As transport is fixed Amber hears gunfire. She checks the comms and hears North and South fighting and it is coming there way. They leave.
- Up ahead the group sees a Northern fighter do a few strafe runs on Ifrit rover gang that kills the leader and many others.
- When the group gets back they find out that Kyra-ad-din has head its water cut off by the North. A dualist leader give a speech to bring the duelists together to attack the North.

One's Own Duty - Session 3

Group heads to Two Towers area to fight in a dual during heavy military tension between the North and South.

One's Own Duty - Session 2

Dayvid and Vincent have to go to a press junket to promote Dayvid’s work in the recent dueling circle. In the meantime, the garage’s lead mechanic, Kal demands that Ifrit and Amber come with them to search for replacement parts for the Razorback and Jager. While Ifrit and Amber are leaving the garage they are observed by two NCIS (Northern Confederacy Intelligence Service) agents, Casseus Javier and Ghassan Normand, who are tracking Amber in hopes of finding her brother, Kyle. They notice a man who is clearly an intelligence agent tracking them also. Agents Casseus and Normand manage to identify Ifrit as Katherine Vorigan, an AWOL Southern MILICIA pilot.

As Ifrit and Amber are riding with Kal, they see a Medecins Sans Politique (MSP) responding to a possible outbreak of the Theban Blight. Ifrit sees similar equipment to what she saw the night she was attacked and went AWOL, and panics; telling her rover band to leave the city ASAP.

While returning to the city with Kal and the parts, the Revisionist call to prayer begins and Kal pulls over to the side of the road. That’s when a SRID (Southern Republic Intelligence Directorate) kill team attacks, wounding Kal. They are dispatched with the help of Javier and Ghassan, but the NCIS agents don’t make contact.

Later, the agents make contact with Ifrit and convince her to act as an informant for the NCIS.

Ifrit then uploads the information to the internet, where it is intercepted by the NCIS and transferred to Northern Officials. The information is used as a justification by the CNCS to declare war on the Allied Southern Territories.

One’s Own Duty - Session 1

- Dayvid Starr arrives at Khyr ad-Din with his film crew.

- Amber Fraulane (Rapid Gar) and Ifrit are argueing over last dual. David arrives.

- Vince King meets with Spider’s rep in secret. Ifrit and Amber take David to the bar.

- They are followed to the bar by some strange men.

- Humanist Republic under quarantine due to plague on news. 1000s die.

- Ifrit sneaks away to deal with secret business???

- Amber takes David out to the dessert for some training and to see what he has. Lots of flirting. They make out back at base when Ifrit returns.

- Duel against The Three Bears. Desert Knights must get two gears to The Three Bears before the Bears score a major hit on the Knights. Knights win. Woot!

Summer Grads - Session 5

34 Summer 1933

Kat, Devon, Miska, and Kelly are all freaked out and decide to get a small room in the Badlands Quarter. Not feeling safe the three friends decide to go to the PRDF Bunker but Kelly refuses in fear that she’ll get arrested for being part of the BRF. They tell her to stay put and they’ll be back soon.

The group heads out and stays low eventually making it to the Bunker. They are immediately taken to General Moreshead who yells at them for awhile about being tracked by PaxSec, almost selling out to the BRF and just causing general mayhem.

Devon and Kat explain what happened and let the General know that they have Kelly hidden. The General agrees that they need to get out of town as PaxSec has linked them to the bombing at New-Bunberry from video surveillance taken there a few days before but he insists on Kelly’s location. He also tells them he’ll pull some strings to get them off the hook with PaxSec. They had it over the location in the Badlands Quarter and then are escorted off to the edge of Peace River hidden in a jeep.

They leave Peace River behind and by the time it is evening they meet up with a badlands rover gang called Jaimin’s Wolves. They meet with the leader, Jaimin Lome who was originally part of the Desert Wolves (see “Into the Badlands”) and had worked with Moreshead during the war. Jaimin has agreed to take the group across the desert to Baja where they can get on the maglev. The group crashes out.

35 Summer 1933

They are wakened early the next morning and head out with Jaimin’s Wolves who have some springers, pieced together gears and two jeeps. They travel for half a day and then set up camp during midday when it is at its hottest under shade.

They head out again until evening and then set up camp around a fire. The member of Jaimin’s Wolves give the group a hard time with one hitting on Kat and another trying to pick a fight with Miska and Devon. Kat kicks the guy in the balls and Miska is able to talk the guy down. They soon find themselves accepted by the badlanders and have a good time.

Later everyone falls asleep but Miska and Kat. Miska suddenly asks Kat why she kissed him at a friend’s Assignment Celebration. Kat is uncomfortable and tries to dodge the question than Miska kisses her. They hold each other for the rest of the night.

36 Summer 1933

The next morning they head off again but after half a day’s travel Jaimin gets a report of Southern MILITIA scavenge in the mountains. He turns to the group and asks if they are willing to take a detour that will put them a day behind. The group agrees and Jaimin’s Wolves’ heads into the mountains.

As they get to the scavenge site Jaimin tells them to wait and the Wolves moves in. They are ambushed by what looks like another rover gang and the group runs. They take a corner and find themselves faced with a rover gang member who is carrying a submachine gun. He starts to point it at him but Kat rushes him and the group finds themselves in a nasty brawl. The four wrestle on the ground until the rover starts choking the life out of Devon. Kat reaches for the gun and fires at the man killing him and splattering Devon with blood.

They meet back up with Jaimin and the other Wolves who survived. Many are wounded but they head back to the desert and eventually back to Baja where he drops them off. As the group is about to get on the maglev Sundra Gabriel approaches them and asks if they were the group Baleek sent. Miska looks at her and says she is mistaken.

Summer Grads - Session 4

34 Summer 1933

The rally takes place near the Badlands District that overlooks a large open area. Kat hangs out at coffee shop while Devon and Miska head down to the rally. There are a lot of police surrounding the area and everyone suspects PaxSec to be lurking around. At first there are only a few hundred people but as the rally starts another couple hundred show up as a flash mob briefly overwhelming security and catching everyone off guard. News cameras are everywhere.

Miska runs into Kelly and she tells him that she is in big trouble and needs to get out. When he asks what is wrong she says she can’t talk about it around the protestors. Miska tells her to go up to the coffee shop and talk to Kat and he’ll be up soon.

Devon and Miska run into Jessica who invites them in the back to speak with Baleek. Baleek asks Devon to go up on stage again as the people reacted well to him being on stage and he could be a great symbol. Devon resists but eventually gives in.

As Kat waits a woman sits next to her and starts asking random questions and being friendly. She then asks Kat to put a chip into her computer and run the program. Kat refuses until she notices the woman is pointing a gun at her. Kat than runs the program which causes a wireless blackout in the area. The strange woman quickly runs off.

Kat than sees Kelly heading toward her and decides to run off not realizing that Miska sent her to talk.

Devon heads on stage but freezes up and is barely able to squeak out the speech given to him by Miska. Baleek says he did ok and will get better. He then invites Devon and Miska back to a private area where they start sweeping for bugs. Devon freaks out since he has a wire on him given by his uncle. He tries to ditch it but is caught by Jessica. Devon tells Baleek everything about his uncle. Baleek believes him asks him to join the Badlands Revolutionary Front as support members in the HA. There they can recruit more members among the worker caste and support other members who need hiding or supplies. They agree and Baleek tells them they need to stop in Baja to meet someone.

Kat notices people following her and figure out they are PaxSec. She isn’t sure why they are chasing her but she manages to keep away from them. She can’t contact the military number she was given due to the wireless outage.

Kelly meets back up with Devon and Miska and they all go find Kat. Kelly tells them that Baleek and the BRF aren’t who she thought they were. She wants equality between the castes but in a more peaceful way. Kelly says she used the group to gain access to the New Bunburry and that the BRF was going to use a sonic bomb that briefly made everyone nauseous, not a real bomb the killed people. She decided she wanted out but suspects that the BRF won’t let her out and will use their connections to the Forezi Cartel to remove her.

Summer Grads - Session 3

34 Summer 1933

Devon wakes up in a hotel room from the party the night before. A few people are stirring and he sees the news footage of himself on stage. Devon hears a knock at the door and sees it is the military (PRDF) and runs through an adjoining room to sneak out. He notices a few other PRDF soldiers and a jeep in the front of the hotel.

Miska wakes up in a different hotel with a heavy hangover. He is laying next to Kelly and she mentions she is hungry. The two head up to the MegaPlaza for french fries. While they are eating the bomb goes off. People freak and Miska can hear Kelly say something like “It wasn’t suppose to be a bomb.” Security seems to erupt from everywhere and people a questioned. Miska easily answers any questions and shows his ID. When Kelly does the same she gives a false name (Liyani Shamine) and uses a fake ID. Miska demands to know what is going on but Kelly says she can’t say anything until later at a anti-caste rally tonight.

Miska makes it back to his hotel where Kat is waiting. She yells at Miska for awhile about not checking his messages and what happened to her the evening before. Miska tells Kat what happened to him and they agree they should leave.

Devon shows up having problems getting past PaxSec who are now everywhere. They share information and decide to leave. As the open the door a PRDF officer is standing there and tells them they need to come with him under order of General Lesli Moreshead. They agree to go with the officer.

On the way Devon admits that General Moreshead is his uncle and that he is ashamed of him because he fled and and is not a true humanist. The group arrives at the Bunker and taken to a waiting room.

General Moreshead arrives and Devon immediately accuses him of defecting and betraying the Humanist beliefs. Moreshead defends himself but turns it around showing the footage of the concert and how Devon could be connected to the BRF terrorist group.

He tells the group that their is political rally tonight where Baleek and Raging Torch will be making an appearance and possibly members of the BRF. PaxSec is keeping the military out but he needs people he can trust in. He asks Devon and his friends if he’ll go in. Devon and Miska agree but Kat wants to avoid it as Kelly and her friends could be there to jump her again. She agrees to be near by at a cafe to offer assistance.

Summer Grads - Session 2
Friends through thick and thin...?


33 Summer 1933

Arrive Peace River, dodging the nar-do-well Carl, and head to hotel. Miska calls his friendfacer Kelly Dilon for a meet up at a cawfee shop. The meeting doesn’t go well as the teens realize Kat finished Kelly’s soccer career with a slide tackle. Kelly ignores the past incident to ask Miska for a favor, help in breaking into a the popular clothing store Burberry-Nova. Miska cracks the back door, earning a big kiss.

They head to the concert. Kelly lets slip she has a friend with access to the band. Devon heads that way. Miska wants to stay with Kelly. Kelly confronts Kat, chasing her out of the concert hall and eventually tracking her down to a back alley. Kat pulls a gun to chase Kelly and her BRF cohort away.

Devon hooks up with Jessica in the green room, meets the band, and is invited onstage for the encore by Baleek. While on stage Devon agrees and yells BRF propaganda in front of thousands of people. He hangs out with the band in at the after party, which he doesn’t remember the next day. But it’s the best day of his life.

Miska hooks up with Kelly for the rest of the night at another party.

34 Summer 1933

Kat sends a bunch of texts scared and worried. Then prepares for her interview with the President. She catches some TV with footage of Devon during the encore. Kat is created by security and led to Milani who gives her a list of “soft-ball” questions. Kat conducts the interview but manages to sneak in a final question regarding the BRF and exchange of weapons.

There is a shake of the building and later reports show that the Erbert Paxton MegaPlaza had been bombed.


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