Katherine Vorigan "Ifrit"

An desert border guard for the Humanist alliance, now a gladiator... and a fugative.


Katherine was unsure of her assignment to the Desert Border Guard (DBG) of the Humanist Alliance. She took to it quite well; she quickly learned the various languages and customs of the desert and grew to like the badlands and its people. Katherine was very well liked by the various homesteaders and respected by the rovers. By being the DBG that everyone was comfortable with she gained an extensive network of contacts in the badlands.

Katherine’s personal matters were also going well. Her Fathers newspaper was going well. Katherine’s and Miska Prat’s application for marriage was going well despite the difference in caste (and various geographic differences). Everything seemed to be going her way then the Mercer Incident ruined everything.

On a patrol out in the desert one night she and her squad noticed a bright blue flash in the direction of the Mercer Homestead. On their way they stopped a “rover” caravan of trucks. Katherine new they weren’t rovers the mannerisms were all wrong and the accent was off. Then there was what was IN the trucks it was high tech equipment the likes of which she had never seen before. She took pictures of the equipment and the “rovers” then had her squad take the “rovers” in for questioning while she went on to the Mercer Homestead. The Homestead was a hole in the ground… Katherine was shocked by the scale of the destruction. She was so shocked that she almost did not notice the incoming missiles from the Humanist Alliance VTOLS. For three days she played cat and mouse with aircraft that should have been on her side. After a very lucky sandstorm she got away from the VTOLS. Then she got saw the wanted posters. "Wanted: Katherine “Kat” Vorigan 50,000 reward" put up by the DBG.

Katherine quietly slipped away from the Humanist Alliance. She joined up with some Rover Tinkers and eventually made her way to Khayr ad-Din. She goes by the name “Ifrit” speaks with a rover accent keeps her face covered almost all of the time. (She has also taken to wearing lots of henna as an extra precaution). Her gear never was exactly standard, but after all the Rover modifications is nearly unrecognizable. The ECM, ECCM, advanced sensors, smoke, chaff, and other tricks make “Ifrit” seem to disappear from opponents field of view and appear elsewhere.

•Why did you leave your League and what did you leave behind? I left because I was chased out. I leave behind virtually everything from fiance to family.

•Why are you fighting in the arena? Best way to make a living with my skills.

•What Trouble did you bring with you? There is the matter of the bounty. I still have no idea as to what the heck happened at the Mercer Homestead, but I still have the pictures of the equipment responsible… and the “rovers” toting it.

First campaign:
You managed to get a meeting with a high official. Who is it? How did you set it up?
I sometimes work at my fathers newspaper and on a whim sent a letter to the Presedent of Peace River asking for a interview… and he actually responded with an appointment for an interview!

Why do you really not want to go to Peace River? Why did you go anyway?
I don’t want to go because I was the reason they lost the high school exhibition soccer game and I am worried about retribution. I am going because I have an interview with the president.

Why did you sneak a gun on board? Where did you get it?
I snuck a gun on board because the soccer hooligans in Peace-River scare the crap of me. I found it by talking to one of the crime reporters for my fathers newspaper who inadvertantly directed me to a lowlevel black market gun dealer. I now have a saturday night special.


+2 0 0 +1 +1 0 0 +1 0 0

Secondary Attributes

0 0 25 4 4 13 25 50


Athletics 1 S AGI Combat Sense 2 S PER
Disguise 1 S CRE Dodge 2 S AGI
Electronic Warfare 2 C CRE Foreign Language (Spanish) 1 S KNO
Foreign Language (Arabic) 1 S KNO Hand to Hand 1 S AGI
Heavy Gear Dueling 2 C AGI Heavy Gear Gunnery 2 C PER
Heavy Gear Piloting 2 C AGI Human Perception 1 S PSY
Notice 2 S PER Small Arms 1 S AGI
Stealth 1 S AGI Streetwise 1 S INF
Melee 1 S AGI Survival 1 S CRE

Katherine Vorigan "Ifrit"

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