Devon Turner

Neither an fantastic student nor outstanding jock as were his friends, he acted as a tie between friends with otherwise little in common.


AGI 0, APP 1, BLD 1, CRE -1, FIT 1, INF 1, KNO -1, PER 0, PSY 0, WIL 0

STR: 1, HEA: 0, STA: 30, flesh: 15, deep: 30, death: 60, UD: 5, AD: 5

Athletics 2, Combat Sense 1, Dance 1, Dodge 1, Drive 1, Haggling 2, Human Perception 2, Intimidate 1, Leadership 1, Naval Pilot 1, Notice 2, Seduction 1, Swimming 2, Throwing 1

How is General Lesli Moorehead related to you. Why are you nervous about meeting him?
He is my uncle, who I don’t understand. “Why would anyone object to the tenants of the HA to the point they must be banished?”

Why are you super excited to go to Peace River? How did you convince everyone to join you?
I want to see the punk band show “Raging Torch Uncensored”, with lead singer Baleek, in a truly uncensored environment. I convinced Miska to go for the rebellious lyrics and Kat for the hunk lead singer.

What are you afraid to tell everyone? Who are you afraid knows?
That I’m related to General Lesli. Alexander Popovich, my entry adviser into the worker’s guild.


Goalie for his high school soccer team, known for his leadership on the field vice his hands. The team forward, Kat, and her prolific ability to score gave the team most of its wins.

Held an after school job with a transport company, where he learned to drive dry and wet vehicles. Thanks to hard work in qualifying on all the company vehicles and some shrewd negotiation, he was the best paid driver on the lot.

Devon dated quite a few girls in school, but he thinks mostly of Mildred, who wanted someone better. She was the one girl that got away. Perhaps that is what makes her so interesting.

Devon Turner

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