Heavy Gear - Beyond the Horizon

Summer Grads - Session 3

34 Summer 1933

Devon wakes up in a hotel room from the party the night before. A few people are stirring and he sees the news footage of himself on stage. Devon hears a knock at the door and sees it is the military (PRDF) and runs through an adjoining room to sneak out. He notices a few other PRDF soldiers and a jeep in the front of the hotel.

Miska wakes up in a different hotel with a heavy hangover. He is laying next to Kelly and she mentions she is hungry. The two head up to the MegaPlaza for french fries. While they are eating the bomb goes off. People freak and Miska can hear Kelly say something like “It wasn’t suppose to be a bomb.” Security seems to erupt from everywhere and people a questioned. Miska easily answers any questions and shows his ID. When Kelly does the same she gives a false name (Liyani Shamine) and uses a fake ID. Miska demands to know what is going on but Kelly says she can’t say anything until later at a anti-caste rally tonight.

Miska makes it back to his hotel where Kat is waiting. She yells at Miska for awhile about not checking his messages and what happened to her the evening before. Miska tells Kat what happened to him and they agree they should leave.

Devon shows up having problems getting past PaxSec who are now everywhere. They share information and decide to leave. As the open the door a PRDF officer is standing there and tells them they need to come with him under order of General Lesli Moreshead. They agree to go with the officer.

On the way Devon admits that General Moreshead is his uncle and that he is ashamed of him because he fled and and is not a true humanist. The group arrives at the Bunker and taken to a waiting room.

General Moreshead arrives and Devon immediately accuses him of defecting and betraying the Humanist beliefs. Moreshead defends himself but turns it around showing the footage of the concert and how Devon could be connected to the BRF terrorist group.

He tells the group that their is political rally tonight where Baleek and Raging Torch will be making an appearance and possibly members of the BRF. PaxSec is keeping the military out but he needs people he can trust in. He asks Devon and his friends if he’ll go in. Devon and Miska agree but Kat wants to avoid it as Kelly and her friends could be there to jump her again. She agrees to be near by at a cafe to offer assistance.



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