Heavy Gear - Beyond the Horizon

Summer Grads - Session 2

Friends through thick and thin...?


33 Summer 1933

Arrive Peace River, dodging the nar-do-well Carl, and head to hotel. Miska calls his friendfacer Kelly Dilon for a meet up at a cawfee shop. The meeting doesn’t go well as the teens realize Kat finished Kelly’s soccer career with a slide tackle. Kelly ignores the past incident to ask Miska for a favor, help in breaking into a the popular clothing store Burberry-Nova. Miska cracks the back door, earning a big kiss.

They head to the concert. Kelly lets slip she has a friend with access to the band. Devon heads that way. Miska wants to stay with Kelly. Kelly confronts Kat, chasing her out of the concert hall and eventually tracking her down to a back alley. Kat pulls a gun to chase Kelly and her BRF cohort away.

Devon hooks up with Jessica in the green room, meets the band, and is invited onstage for the encore by Baleek. While on stage Devon agrees and yells BRF propaganda in front of thousands of people. He hangs out with the band in at the after party, which he doesn’t remember the next day. But it’s the best day of his life.

Miska hooks up with Kelly for the rest of the night at another party.

34 Summer 1933

Kat sends a bunch of texts scared and worried. Then prepares for her interview with the President. She catches some TV with footage of Devon during the encore. Kat is created by security and led to Milani who gives her a list of “soft-ball” questions. Kat conducts the interview but manages to sneak in a final question regarding the BRF and exchange of weapons.

There is a shake of the building and later reports show that the Erbert Paxton MegaPlaza had been bombed.



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