Heavy Gear - Beyond the Horizon

One's Own Duty - Session 4

- finished the dual, group wins in a lap.
- Flashback with Ifrit where her leader asks her to take charge if anything happens to him.
- After the dual Amber meets with her brother and convinced him to defect and leave with her to Kyra-ad-din.
- All the dualists head to the bar and do a lot of drinking. Amber convinces Starr to help her sneak her brother out. Starr tricks King into thinking that Amber is bringing a new boyfriend.
- Next day everyone is ready to leave. Amber’s brother is late and transport won’t start. Ifrit and her rover gang leave ahead.
- As transport is fixed Amber hears gunfire. She checks the comms and hears North and South fighting and it is coming there way. They leave.
- Up ahead the group sees a Northern fighter do a few strafe runs on Ifrit rover gang that kills the leader and many others.
- When the group gets back they find out that Kyra-ad-din has head its water cut off by the North. A dualist leader give a speech to bring the duelists together to attack the North.



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