Heavy Gear - Beyond the Horizon

One's Own Duty - Session 2

Dayvid and Vincent have to go to a press junket to promote Dayvid’s work in the recent dueling circle. In the meantime, the garage’s lead mechanic, Kal demands that Ifrit and Amber come with them to search for replacement parts for the Razorback and Jager. While Ifrit and Amber are leaving the garage they are observed by two NCIS (Northern Confederacy Intelligence Service) agents, Casseus Javier and Ghassan Normand, who are tracking Amber in hopes of finding her brother, Kyle. They notice a man who is clearly an intelligence agent tracking them also. Agents Casseus and Normand manage to identify Ifrit as Katherine Vorigan, an AWOL Southern MILICIA pilot.

As Ifrit and Amber are riding with Kal, they see a Medecins Sans Politique (MSP) responding to a possible outbreak of the Theban Blight. Ifrit sees similar equipment to what she saw the night she was attacked and went AWOL, and panics; telling her rover band to leave the city ASAP.

While returning to the city with Kal and the parts, the Revisionist call to prayer begins and Kal pulls over to the side of the road. That’s when a SRID (Southern Republic Intelligence Directorate) kill team attacks, wounding Kal. They are dispatched with the help of Javier and Ghassan, but the NCIS agents don’t make contact.

Later, the agents make contact with Ifrit and convince her to act as an informant for the NCIS.

Ifrit then uploads the information to the internet, where it is intercepted by the NCIS and transferred to Northern Officials. The information is used as a justification by the CNCS to declare war on the Allied Southern Territories.



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