Heavy Gear - Beyond the Horizon

One’s Own Duty - Session 1

- Dayvid Starr arrives at Khyr ad-Din with his film crew.

- Amber Fraulane (Rapid Gar) and Ifrit are argueing over last dual. David arrives.

- Vince King meets with Spider’s rep in secret. Ifrit and Amber take David to the bar.

- They are followed to the bar by some strange men.

- Humanist Republic under quarantine due to plague on news. 1000s die.

- Ifrit sneaks away to deal with secret business???

- Amber takes David out to the dessert for some training and to see what he has. Lots of flirting. They make out back at base when Ifrit returns.

- Duel against The Three Bears. Desert Knights must get two gears to The Three Bears before the Bears score a major hit on the Knights. Knights win. Woot!



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